The Producers

The Producers Has Now Closed

The Theatre Royal Drury Lane said goodbye to The Producers in January 2007. 

The Producers is a stage musical based on Mel Brook’s 1968 film of the same name.  Brooks and Thomas Meehan originally adapted the dark

The Producers on Broadway

satirical comedy for Broadway in 2001. The plays record breaking success in the US not only sparked the remaking of the film with  a star cast in 2005 but also the beginning of a successful West End run in 2004 as well as an international tour and a UK tour beginning in 2007.

Although the stage version features recognisable scenes and jokes from the original film there are noticeable differences between the two such as the year in which the action takes places shifting closer to the end of the Second World War from 1968 to 1959. Furthermore the stage production bosts more meaningful character development, for example Ulla’s bimbo caricature is downplayed slightly in order to present a more three dimensional person. Again, the musical version depicts a more sympathetic portrayal of Nazi playwright Franz Liebkind. However, the most noticeable difference between the stage and the film is the distinctly more jovial and upbeat feels to the stage production, with the original version having a much darker style of comedy.

Over the years actors such as Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Leigh Zimmerman, David Hasselhoff, Lee Evans, Peter Kay, Joe Pasquale and Russ Abbot have filled many of the leading roles.

Since its move to the stage in 2001 The Producers has seen a run of over 2,500 shows on Broadway, over two years at London’s Theatre Royal Drury Lane and many hundreds of shows performed on tour.  The Producers is one of the most highly awarded Musicals, having received 12 Tony Awards and 10 Drama Desk Awards in 2001 and three Laurence Olivier Awards in 2005.

The Producers at London’s Theatre Royal, Dury Lane

History of London Performances:

Drury Lane Theatre – 22 October 2004 – January 6th 2007